All About The Oscar Fish

The Oscar fish species originated in South America. They were first caught in the Amazon near Brazil. Oscar fish favor rivers but are also commonly found in ponds/lakes in the Amazon. However, today in North America they are usually found in the South East like Florida. This is due to Tropical Fish owners releasing their Oscar fish supply when they have outgrown their tank.

It is common for the Oscar Fish to have a mild temperament. They are known for being aggressive but it is not overly so. They are very territorial fish but do not attack for sport. Most fish are fine companions for the Oscar fish as long as they do not over crowd. Oscar fish are individuals and their temperament/size do vary from fish to fish.

Wild Oscar Fish

A domestic Oscar fish typically grows up to ten or fourteen inches. A wild Oscar fish can reach up to sixteen inches. Oscar fish are as long as they are wide. They are commonly known as very large fish and can weight up to two pounds or more. Not only are Oscar fish large, they also live long. A Oscar fish can reach fifteen years old. The average age life span of the Oscar fish tends to be ten to twelve years.

The Oscar wears many different colors. These fish can appear yellow, red, colorless, stripped, red stripped, and Lution cross. These beautifully colored fish need to live in a water that have a ph level of 7-8. This is highly important as fish are fragile. They also must live in soft water at a temperature of seventy six to eighty two degrees Fahrenheit. It is very difficult to tell if your Oscar is a male or female. This fish is monomorphic. You can only differentiate the sex upon spawning.

The guide lines for Oscar fish housing are one fish per fifty five gallon aquarium. There is a preference of one fish per seventy gallon tank but a fifty five gallon will suffice. The Oscar fish is capable of jumping especially during feeding time so a lid in some fashion is required on your Oscar's aquarium. The Oscar fish is also known to favor digging. You want to keep your Oscar fish happy by providing a dig able flooring like sand/gravel. Oscar fish frequently defecating so be aware that if you chose gravel flooring you will have to vacuum to ensure all waste has been removed (sand is an easier upkeep).

One tip is to not purchase real plants for your aquarium. You will be wasting your money because your Oscar will end up tearing it to shreds in a playful manner. It is possible that they may even tear apart your fake plants as well. So take caution with your tank decorations. Wood would be more sufficient for an Oscar tank or even a cave. This way the decorations may even double as a hiding place which can comfort the fish in times of stress.

Decorations for Oscar Fish

Your Oscar fish does eat meat. They will pretty much eat anything but they can get their mouths around but what they need is a fully formulated diet. It is best to keep with one form of pellet food and then use various treats as supplements. Other treats can be anything from worms and insects to vegetables. As your Oscar grows they might even enjoy raw shrimp. Although, Oscars do normally eat other fish in the wild; it is best to not feed them feeder fish from your local pet store. These feeder fish can breed diseases and make your Oscar very ill. It is best to not take the chance. It is a good idea to have variation in your Oscars diet as they are known as the pigs of the sea. They love to eat and are very messy about it. The Oscar must break down their food many times before swallowing.

Enjoy raising your Oscar fish!