DIY Portable Fish Tank

What you need:

- 150 quart ice chest cooler (found at Walmart)
- Atwood A500 Aerator (Walmart)
- 3/4 of an inch PVC pipe (found at Lowes or Home Depot)
- 3/4 of an inch PVC pipe elbow (90 degree angle also Lowes or Home Depot)
- 3/4 of an inch PVC pipe threaded female connector (Lowes or Home Depot)
- Fish Tank Safe Silicon (one tube, any pet store)
- Something to cut the PVC pipe with or have them cut it in store
- Electric Drill
- 3/4” drill bit
- Cigarette lighter adapter cord

Cooler Theoscarspot

Your cooler must come equipped with a drain hole on the bottom (most do). Once the drain cap is removed you are left with a hole. This aspect is key. Your hole should perfectly fit your 3/4 of an inch pipe. The first step is to take your Aerator and insert it in the hole. There is a grommet that is already on the inside of the drain hole area. This grommet is what makes the drain hole water tight so, be sure to leave that in place. Next find the nut that came with the Aerator and lock up the Aerator tight to the grommet on the inside of the cooler.

Now place the PVC pipe connector and attach it to the returning end of the Aerator. Next insert your remaining feet of PVC pipe and cut it to size. On the open end of this piece of PVC pipe ad on the PVC elbow. After you have placed the elbow on, mark the side wall of the cooler where the piece lines up. Drill a whole through the coolers side. It is better to drill a little from both ends than to go straight through for risk of cracking your cooler.

You can now place your PCV pipes in and assemble them as you had before. Cut the end in about two feet and this will be the PVC pipe that runs through the ice chest. If your PVC does is not fitting together snug enough that is where the silicone comes in. Line each fitting together with silicone for an air tight fit. This is your complete aquarium. All that is left is to attach your cigarette adapter cord. This you will do upon travel to the bottom drain! Happy Traveling!