How to Set Up an Oscar Fish Tank

You will need

- 30 to 70 gallon fish tank (depending on the size of your Oscar)
- Tank hood with light
- A Filter to go on the top of the fish tank
- Canister filter
- 2 Tank heaters (for fluid temperature throughout tank)
- Tank thermometer
- Tank gravel or granulated coral (to cover the bottom of your aquarium)
- Substrate Vacuum
- Water testing kit

Oscar fish tank

The size of your fish tank depends on the age of your Oscar fish. If you are housing a newly born Oscar then a 30 gallon fish tank will suffice for about six months. Note that as your Oscar grows, it will need a substantial amount of room to swim. You may be better off beginning with a 55 gallon tank. A 55 gallon tank will provide enough room for a youthful Oscar to grow full size. A 70 gallon tank is necessary when you have more than two Oscars housed together or if your Oscar grows to an abnormally large size. Otherwise a 55 gallon tank will be fine for two full sized Oscars.

Starter kits are available with most of the equipment said above. Some parts may have to be purchased separately like the canister filter but all parts can be found at your local pet store. Or you can buy the kit at your local Target. It is usually around $19.99 but with the target coupon $5 off it will be $14.99.

All aquarium tanks come with set up instructions but I will help explain them here. To begin set up you first need to rinse your tank. NEVER rinse your tank with any soaps or chemicals, ONLY water can be used. If your fish come in contact with any chemicals you run the risk of them dying. Fish are fragile. Next make sure your stand can hold your fish tanks weight when it is fully equipped and filled with water. It also needs to be near electrical outlets so you can plug in your filter, lights and vacuums.

Once your tanks is secured on its platform you are ready to fill it about a third full of water. Now you are ready to assemble your gravel canister filter. Follow all assembly instructions. This filter keeps your tanks biological balance. You may then add your gravel. Make sure your gravel is clean by rinsing it with water in a bucket until the water is no longer cloudy. Make sure you ONLY USE water to rinse your gravel. Your gravel will cover the filter and pour slowly to ensure that you do not crack your tank’s glass.

You may now fill your tank up to two inches below the top. This is the time to finishing setting up the air tubes for the canister filter. Lastly, affix your heaters in place and make sure they are hidden with a plant or whatever your liking. Oscar fish are know to attack heaters and break them. Place your thermometer on the inside of the tank in a visible positioning. You may now finish filling up the tank and place your hood and top filter on. Follow the assembly instructions on how to place these on and make sure your filter is rinsed through. Two filters are key when handling Oscar fish as they are known for having a lot of waste. You have to wait for your filters to go through one cycle before adding your Oscar fish in. You have now assembled your Oscars new home! Voollah!