Tips on Which Equipment to Choose for Your Oscar Fish

LED lighting Aquarium

The often mistake made when it comes to caring for your Oscar fish is providing to small of a tank for their growth. The standard Oscar fish grows up to fifteen inches long, six inches high and three inches wide. They are also known to be very territorial. This combination of build and personality call for a larger tank. The usually tank bought is 55 gallons. In truth, this is only large enough for one adult Oscar fish. If you would like to have more than one, it is highly recommended to have a 75 gallon tank. If you begin with a 75 gallon tank you will avoid having to re buy any future tanks and save yourself some money in the long run. Oscar fish are great to own but they do take an investment of money to up keep. Understand what you are getting into from the get go.

A second common mistake is having either not enough or too much gravel in your fish tank. Oscar fish call for about three inches of gravel to coat the entire floor of the tank. Once you fill your tank measure the sides with a ruler to see how much more you may need or how much gravel you need to take out to get to three inches. Make sure to measure all four sides and that it is a level three inches throughout. There will be some natural shifting of floor thickness and thinness but this is acceptable.

Many Oscar fish owners have trouble when making the decisions on how to decorate their tanks. The truth is what you decorate your tank with is solely up to you. There are a few things to keep in mind about Oscar fish. For starters they will take how you have set up the tank and arrange it to their liking. They are the ones living in the tank so this will be something you have to accept. They are able to re arrange the tank through digging up what you have placed in. Remember Oscar fish are very aggressive. So, due to this digging factor you may want to use only fake plants when decorating. If you place in real plants and they are dug up then you may waste your money if they die from movement. In addition to placing in fake plants you may also want to place in caves. This allows your less confrontation Oscars a place to hide. I found the most beautiful aquarium not in pet store, but in Kohls. It had built in led lights and decorations. It was $199 original price. But with 30% off I was able to get a good deal. So look for Kohls promo codes and enjoy you ultra nice fish tank.

You want your Oscars to be comfortable and safe. Lastly, make sure you use high powered and effective filters in your tank. Oscar fish are very messy with waste from eating a digesting. To ensure cleanliness two filters are recommended. One filter for circulation of water on the top of your tank and a second filter in the ground for all around cleanliness. Good luck!

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