What to Feed Your Oscar Fish

Feeding your Oscar fish a healthy and varied diet is one of the main factors for keeping your fish healthy and free from disease. Make sure your diet is varied so your fist doesn't get bored with one specific type of food item. You must also avoid certain types of food that are known to be bad for fish.

Like a lot of creatures of prey on life food, the Oscar fish has very big eyes. They rely purely on their excellent eyesight to locate and hunt food. Their eyesight is so good they can see things behind them because of the way the eyes protrude. Oscars will feed at any depth so they can accept floating or sinking food.

Feed for Oscar Fish

The Oscar fish has gained the nickname water dog due to the fact that it behaves rather like an excitable puppy when you go anywhere near the tank. However just like your four-legged friend, Oscars will eat just about anything you give them so they have that in common with their canine companions. However it's important to look after your little friend and don't make the mistake of thinking that anything goes, food must be chosen carefully.

In the wild Oscars diet consists mainly of insects, small fish and an odd critter that ends up in the water. You can emulate what they may eat in the wild by harvesting critters from your garden. You can use a small net to catch grasshoppers and crickets in the summer. These are superb foods that will contain nutrients that official requires. Other things like beetles, spiders and any creepy Crawley are going to be readily accepted by your Oscar. You can feed worms to your Oscar you got to be aware that worms can harbor parasites that can be passed on to your fish. You can either starve the worm for a few days or manually squeeze the got out of the warm which should remove any nasty thing lurking inside. If you're going to collect food from the garden always be aware of pesticides.

Rather than putting a huge list of food on this page you can Google "What food can I feed my Oscar" and you will find a large variety of different types of food that you can feed to your Oscar fish. There is other various foods that are described as freeze-dried breeze drawing is a process that preserves food in its original condition and it retains all its essential nutrients, which is very good for fish. Shrimp and krill are often freeze-dried so these can be very good as food. On the downside, freeze-dried food can be more expensive than its frozen counterparts. You may want to make your own. You can also put fish and shellfish in a blender, mix it all up and present and Oscars really likes this. Making your own food means that you can add exactly what you want and it's healthy food for your pet.